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How to Kpop Style Hair with Beret

Berets for Summer, Berets for Winter. The hype just doesn’t seem to go away. Kpop style hair with various items from hats to chains and it’s very interesting to follow the trend.

Kpop idol fashion looks are often perfected with a single beret. The fashion item is simple and easily matches any concept from cute to girl crush. Here’s how some of our favorite idols style hair with beret,

IU wearing a patterned beret for her latest MV Blueming

IU is cute and she is also widely known for being fashionable. Her blue hair, denim. soft makeup, and a contrast beret is simply ICONIC.

Let’s move to our goddess from Red Velvet, Irene.

Irene at one of Nuovo event

Irene as gorgeous as she always be, wearing her soft nude color beret for the event. It matches her soft color brown hair beautifully. The hat perfects her feminine and girly look. The look puts kpop style hair to another new level.

Next we have Kei of Lovelyz.

Black and White style Kei

Kei was spotted wearing berets for many occasions. She still looks cute with this Black and White basic style. It’s a relatively easy to mix and match your black beret compared to those with other colors.

Last but not least, Dahyun in purple is love.

Purple Dahyun

Last but not least, the latest “beret look” was created by top girl group Twice’s Dahyun. She always be the most experimental from the group and we can’t help but falling in love with her.

Now you have some inspirations to use a beret, you can get your beret from the store which currently on sale. The Chain Beret and the Cherry Beret are ready to help you obtain the Kpop style hair.

As Kpop getting more popular, Kpop style hair is also getting more recognition. By using beret, it’s not difficult to obtain the look. Find one that matches your personality and favorite color, you can grab those attentions with your style (also your confidence!).

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